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Information Technology
Headquarters Singapore

Our client is a leading provider of comprehensive digital transformation and enterprise IT services based in Singapore. With a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to diverse industries, their clientele pool include government-linked organisations and large scale private corporations.

Established in 2008, they have emerged as a trusted partner for companies within Asia seeking to transform their operations and maximize their technology investments. They have a lean and multidisciplinary team of experts with deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technologies to deliver tailored solutions that drive business growth and operational efficiency.

The business demonstrates strong financial performance with consistent profitability, healthy cash flow, and a solid balance sheet. Currently generating annual revenues circa $3m. They are well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for digital transformation and enterprise IT services in Singapore and the region.

This presents an attractive opportunity for potential investors to acquire the company either completely or partially, leveraging their established market presence, strong financials, and expertise in digital transformation and enterprise IT services to access the wide range of potential business available to the company. Additionally, the owners are open to being absorbed into a larger corporation, bringing their expertise to the acquiring corporation.

Registrations of Interest are sought for the business, which is offered for sale as a going concern

Next Steps:   Contact us for a confidential discussion about the business. Access to the information deck and data room may be available to suitable investors once a non-disclosure agreement is in place.

Contact: Mandanex Capital

Jensen Tan
+65 9459 2609

Richard Hemingway
+61 448 231 111

Ref MXSGMM1003


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